Our Vision

At Arrow Primary Care you will receive a new spin on “old-school” medicine. We believe that the doctor-patient relationship should be at the core of healthcare without the interference of insurance. Health insurance should be reserved for emergencies. We wanted to build a practice where a patient can get the hands-on care they want and deserve for a low price.

As a patient of Arrow Primary Care you will receive access directly to your doctor via office visits, email, texting or phone calls. What you will not receive is an insurance company dictating what can and cannot be done for your health. That is between you and the doctor. We feel patients deserve ample time to explain their concerns and understand their treatment plans. That’s why all patients will have up to 1-hour office visits.

You will have access to medications for wholesale prices often times saving hundreds of dollars a year. Labs will be offered at discounted cash prices. This can all be accomplished because we will limit the number of patients we accept providing the doctor time to focus completely on the patients. At Arrow, we are pointing primary care in a new and exciting direction.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is common-sense medicine. Patient’s pay an affordable, monthly fee to have full access to their doctor via office visits, emails, text messaging and phone calls. Insurance companies are not billed, nor can they interfere with your treatment. You will not have any co-pays. There will rarely be a wait time for your visit and you will have up to 1-hour with the doctor.

There is no bureaucracy getting in between you and the doctor. DPC doctors only accept a fraction of the patients that a “typical” doctor accepts allowing for more relaxed and stress-free visits. We still encourage all patient’s to carry insurance for specialists, ER visits, hospitalizations, etc. DPC is more like a gym membership. DPC’s goal is to keep you from having to utilize your insurance and provide affordable care and medications, often saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Michael Carnathan
Dr. Michael Carnathan

Michael Carnathan, MD is a Board-Certified Family Physician who is excited to be practicing Direct Primary Care in the Lehigh Valley. He completed his undergraduate degree at St. Bonaventure University and received his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine.

After completing his residency at Chestnut Hill Hospital where he served as Chief Resident he briefly practiced in Rhode Island before moving to the Lehigh Valley. Dr. Mike has lived and practiced here since 2013. While working in the current “insurance-based” health system, he realized that what he loved most about medicine, spending time with patients in order to educate and treat them well, was becoming more difficult to achieve. That is why in 2019 Dr. Mike opened Arrow Primary Care, a Direct Primary Care practice to take back the doctor-patient relationship that way it was meant to be.

In Dr. Mikes free time, he enjoys spending time with his very supportive wife and 2 incredible sons traveling, sampling the cuisine throughout the Lehigh Valley, swimming and spending time with friends.