Many affordable services are available

Arrow Primary Care provides a large list of primary care services all included in a low monthly membership fee and without any copays. We see patients of all ages from newborns to the elderly. Membership includes all office visits, physicals, urgent and sick visits, chronic care management, weight loss management, etc. Other services like joint injections, hormone therapy, medications, and labs are available at a very low cost.

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Who we are

Dr. Carnathan wants to take back the doctor-patient relationship and provide as much time and care as his patients need. He wants to be available to his patients when they need him. Direct Primary Care allows him to do this. Click below to learn more about our team and why we decided to practice primary care differently.

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See your doctor when YOU need to see them and for the amount of time that YOU need.


Directly call, email or text your doctor with questions and concerns.


Know what your labs, medications, and testing will cost BEFORE they are ordered.


Same and next day scheduling without a massive phone tree.


The monthly membership fee includes most services which eliminate the uncertainty of unexpected bills and you’ll never pay a copay.

Services You’ll Enjoy!

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  1. 1
    Extended, Relaxed Visits

    All patient appointments are scheduled for up to 1 hour allowing time to review all of your health needs. You may schedule more appointments within a month without an additional fee. Its all included in your monthly membership fee.

  2. 2
    Same Day and Next-day Scheduling

    There is little to no wait to see the doctor.

  3. 3
    Full Access via Technology

    Contact Dr. Carnathan directly via text, email or phone even after hours.

  4. 4
    Annual Comprehensive Physical

    Yearly physicals included in membership in addition to all sick visits, medication reviews and minor procedures.

  5. 5
    Wholesale Labs and Medications (coming soon)

    Please see our list of in office medications and discounted lab prices. We can often save patients hundreds of dollars every year.